Monday, July 5, 2010


Things have been good here, albeit a bit busy. Hubby has been writing which has been great! This past weekend he was working on finishing up something so I took the kids to see fireworks by myself. Since I wasn't entirely sure if the baby would start screeching and Miss Kaiya wasn't all that thrilled with them last year I decided to pack up the car and stay in it on top of a parking garage. That way if we needed to scram we could get to scramming a lot quicker.
One thing I had miscalculated was how late fireworks start. I was sure they'd start just after nine but it was much closer to ten. While we were waiting we would look around furtively to see any of the straggler fireworks that individuals were shooting off around the city. Then Kaiya did the only sensible thing when you are watching and waiting for something: she called for it. Like a puppy. Hung her head out the car window: "Fireworks! Where are you? Come out!"
My plan turned out pretty well though as I had finally given up and was packing the kids up and wham they started. We could actually see them pretty well except they were behind a building but all things considered it was better than being in the hoards. Then all the way home CJ was babbling and the kind of babble that is approaching language. Kaiya had been talking about the "backpack" on Dora the Explorer and then wouldn't you know it CJ said some babble that almost sounded like it. Kaiya screeched: "Mommy did you hear that? He's talking!"She then proceeded to launch into a fantastically long conversation with him. Completely nonplussed everything he was saying back made no sense. Yay Independence Day!


  1. Wow, I wish Cordelia could have made it to the fireworks, but she was out of commission. Sounds like you had a lovely evening!

  2. Miss Kaiya has made a world of progress in one short year. Best I recall she didn't much care for fireworks at the San Antonio Missions game in 2009. Now she not only likes it, she carries on elaborate conversations with little brother who wasn't even here (well, he was "here" but he didn't count) a year ago.

  3. I love how CJ's little hand is on Kaiya in this picture.


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