Friday, July 30, 2010

Kung fu mommy

Kaiya has been obsessed with dolls these last few weeks. And she's been taking the role of mommy very seriously. She'll even stop playing, tell us she has to go check on her baby, and quietly tip-toe into her room where she's laid the doll down to sleep.
Her daddy has also taught her random bits of kung fu. She does this thing where she makes her hand like a snakes head and stands on one leg like the karate kid. Only she usually can't stop laughing when she does it.
So the other night we were all watching Shrek and one of the fighting scenes came on. Kaiya, who was holding her dolly, started punching the air. Haiya! Heh! The doll flopped around helplessly. Then she went back to holding it. The picture of motherhood. It is sort of comforting that she is balanced somewhat but the thing about princess scampering up trees is they tear a lot of dresses. Oh well I guess, they're only little for a bit aren't they?


Got any random bits of your own?