Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cage fighting!!

Good morning (or evening) folks welcome to CFC! That stands for CJ fights changing. In the diaper we have baby CJ who weighs 25 lbs, is 2 feet tall and is thus far undefeated in the cage. In the sweat pants is mommy who weighs none of your business thank you very much, is 5'8" tall and is standing ready with a new diaper. Ding ding ding!
And were off! Baby CJ immediately does a roll maneuver before Mommy can even start taking the diaper off, but oh look! Mommy catches the baby and flips him before he can start crawling away. She's got him pinned down and look at that! Both tags off with ease, yup, Mommy's looking strong this round! Wait a second... oh, the slip-under-the-arm move! And he's off! That'll be a penalty for Mommy as baby boy is nude and he gets extra-bonus points if he can pee or poop all over Mommy's living room. But she's got him now and ooh, a nice smooth flip which she transitions beautifully into starting the new diaper. But Baby CJ does a scissor kick right to her face! Flips! Turns back to the other side! And he's off again folks! There's only one tag on the diaper and it's hanging half-way off, and I think we can safely say this round is going to Baby CJ. Yup.
Mommy taps out, defeated, she give up and puts him in baby jail and resigns herself to cleaning up the pee or poop later. Another win for baby who told us before the fight he plans to take over the whole house before the end of the year. We tried to get a response from Mommy on that but she just grumbled she needed coffee and started crying.
Up next we have a mommy going against her twins! You won't want to miss this tag-team action!


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