Sunday, August 29, 2010


I was never very good at juggling. I usually just gave up and threw the balls as high as I could. It made more sense just to play catch. Lately I have been feeling this sense of juggling between being good at work and being good at home. But it's not like I can hurl the baby up into the sky (nor would I want to) and while I have considered (fleetingly, in a fantasy world) chucking the career goodbye it isn't realistic. So I play catch. I focus on one, intensely, and then let it go. Poof! And in a moment it's back to focusing on the other. It still would be nice just to check out and stare off into space for about fourteen years but I have a feeling I'd get beamed in the noggin' by a fastball. Here's to being better at it all and catching more than I drop. Let me know if you have any juggling trips up your sleeve!

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