Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sorry for being even more flakey about posting but we've been moving this month and my work schedule is weird so it's been a goal of mine to breathe oxygen for most of the day and that's about it.
Moving stinks but there's something nice about starting over again. Mapping out space and figuring out where things go. I'm posting this before the move and likely by the time it finally gets here I'll be growling at the computer thinking: idiot! There's nothing great about moving!
But in this case, there is! Even though we are moving into a smaller place (to save money) it is an apartment complex with a hot tub. Yay. Hot tub. I sometimes wonder how they came up with that name. If they were like, we should call it bubbly tub. And someone else was all, oh no, it's much about the hotness and less about the bubbles. Did I mention it was three in the mornin'?


  1. Get some sleep girl!!

    Good luck with moving, wish we were closer to help....


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