Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You owe me $20.

I was meeting with a young man recently who you could tell was new to this whole working-semi-professional thing. He was doing a very good job of spouting off his company policies and what not and it was sort of cute in this, if I had a kid-brother and he was finally out on his own kind of way. One thing that he said struck me. They apparently had these little four or five things they were supposed to do or say to or for the customer and one of them was to ask, are you happy? As soon as he said that I immediately informed him he had not asked me if I was happy. It took a second for him to figure out that we were in my place of business and not his so said rule would likely not apply but you could see the wheels turning and the 'oh shoot' look on his face as he worked that out in his head. Then he got this confused look until he figured out I was kidding. It occurred to me that when we are learning the speak of the place we are at we can get tunnel vision, or hearing, and focus in on what is needed to learn our job. Whether it be the task of carrying for a new baby or learning the proper way our company wants us to greet customers when we are first 'in it' so to speak it can be hard to see the rest of the world. The, it's OK to grin a little and have some fun with people, maybe if your boss is not looking if he or she is a bit uptight, and maybe just maybe we can make someone's day even if it isn't in our little list of things we are supposed to say. Just food for thought, not that I'm all that far along in anything, whether it be work, home or figuring out me, but I do feel a bit like I'm coming out of some of my rookie "gotta get this one thing" done kind of phases. Probably to enter into something new again, I imagine. Yay! And yes. I'm happy!

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