Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday baby CJ!

It's my baby's birthday today. One. Such a fabulous number. That lame, droning song is so wrong. We had a great, low-key day. To be honest having just been moved one full week it was about all we could handle to have just the basics. Get our cake, some balloons, and a whole lot of fun. We stole an idea we heard from somewhere, that for the life of me I can't remember where it came from but I'm guessing my sister in law, in that you set out a baby pool to let them eat the cake. That way they can really mash it and have a fun wrestling blast for their first chocolate experience. It's the way it should be really. You have to have that ooey goodness in between your fingers. And knees.
It turned out to be a great day. Started early. Much like his birth day did. We got up for church and daddy sang happy birthday to his son, who was crying all the way because he was sleepy. Once we were all dressed and ready off to church we went. It was a big day at church anyway because babies were getting dedicated. When we got home Kaiya and I went shopping for last minute party stuff. Poor kid fell asleep in the cart almost. Mommy was scrambling a bit as it was my first time in our new neighborhood's grocery store. Eventually the cake and decorations, gifts and favors were bought and off to home we were. The boys had been cleaning up. Well the big one was. The little one was crying. It was his party after all. He could cry if he wanted to.
Once the party was started and the kids were in the pool with cake, brownies and ice cream we then all trekked to a real pool to work off some of that fake sugar energy. CJ managed to get a black eye without the four adults and one teenager noticing. Kid must have bonked his eye on the rail or something but didn't even put up a tiny fuss. Tough little guy is gonna give his momma a heart attack one day.
We then went back to watch some movies and wind down the night. Baby played with his toys. Smashed his cake. Loved every minute of it. This past year has been amazing. Other than the moments when my heart is in my throat because he's busted his eye, or head, or chin falling down, or when I'm scrambling to get to him as he is climbing up some mountain of boxes. Then he giggles and it is the best sound in the whole world. And I forget I'm scared just a little to raise a boy. I figure that yeah he may get a few more cuts and bruises than his sister. But he loves ferociously. And when you are loved by him it has to be one of the best feelings in the world. So happy birthday baby boy. Momma will try very hard not to follow right behind you and/or put you in a plastic bubble. She may not be able to catch you soon anyway now that you're taking some steps and are a heartbeat away from storming off into the lands. We love you honey and can't wait to spend more time with you and many more birthdays!

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