Friday, September 10, 2010


i had this epiphany recently. that i'm not always right. that more specifically my version of events is not always right. ok, so it's not that i always think i'm right. it's just, i so fervently believe that the way i see things is the right way to see them. what i've realized these last few weeks due to various events is that just because i'm not right about everything doesn't mean that someone else is. as in, it's not a game. there's not always a clear winner and a clear loser. life is often more nuanced. i'm not so good at figuring out there are often other things going on, that have nothing on earth to do with me, that affect the whole dang world. i guess in a nutshell what i've learned is perhaps it is beneficial to do what i tell my daughter to do. calm down. take a deep breath. stop freaking out. if only i could just go back to happily playing or rolling around in mud like she does. here's to letting go a little!

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  1. I hereby request permission to forward this post to every elected official in the dang U S government. You have captured their universal problem, and they need to see it.


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