Friday, September 24, 2010

Smell of pencils

Anyone else just love fall? I get extremely nostalgic for some reason as soon as the air cools a bit and the schools open up again. What is ironic is when I was in school I could hardly wait to get out and start my life. Now whenever I have a chance to step back into school and see the brightly colored "you can do it!" posters and smell the new, crisp pencils, I can't help but smile. I want to put my hair in pigtails and skip.
I sometimes wonder what my little eight-year-old self would think about how 'great' I think the fall is. Would she be a little miffed at how great I think it is to be at school? Probably as miffed as the adult me is at the little girl who thought it would be so great to one day be an adult. Of course. Maybe I'm not one yet. Especially since I still find it really difficult to walk by a huge pile of leaves and not jump into it.
Here is to pumpkins and spice and everything nice as the air cools a bit in this gosh-forsaken hottest place in the world called Texas. And to new beginnings. Maybe that is what I like most about fall. This sense of starting. Of a new year so to speak. What is your favorite season?

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