Thursday, October 7, 2010

Climbing before Walking

Sigh. Sons. You know that phrase you need to learn to crawl before you walk? Well have you ever heard, son, you need to learn to walk before you climb? I kid you not my little baby, who I could of sworn was going to be an early walker, can climb the heck out of some stuff. I think he isn't walking primarily because he's too impatient to work at it. And he can really get into overdrive with the crawling so why pause long enough to learn to walk? The other day as we were unpacking he found a pile of boxes and had managed to crawl halfway up them, and several feet off the floor, in a manner of seconds. After I swallowed my heart back down I scrambled to get him and he was grinning up at me all proud.
We are definitely in for it. In the last few weeks he has started to put it together, taking steps on his own and while he generally flops down and goes back to crawling when he really wants to get moving this new thing he has discovered, climbing, is what really gets him motivated. We have had to learn to not leave cushions or things staggered like steps because all he needs is a ledge to climb up to something higher and he's off to tantalizing feats that make his mother faint.
It occurred to me that I will eventually have to let my children go but as my husband keeps reminding me that I can't put him in a plastic bubble I guess I have to let him go a little bit each day. And hope that in all the tumbles and falls there aren't too many stitches needed.

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