Sunday, October 17, 2010


Beloved, do you realize we have a God who is so, so able? Whatever the situation, whatever the need, whatever the depth of pain He is able to provide. To comfort. To shelter. To equip you. Completely.
I am a story person. I want to see the stories. See a healing. See the happily-ever-after ending and let out that satisfied sigh of experiencing an incredible story that has moved my soul. What I am learning as I get older is that sometimes the really good stories take years to tell. While I love seeing the happy endings, I'm not so good during the tense, scary parts of stories. I tend to bite my nails down to the nubs and stress. It's one thing when it's a two-hour movie and I'm eagerly awaiting the good guys to cream 'em all in the end but another thing altogether when it's my life. Or friends lives. Family. Ones who were not protected when they should have been. Or wounded far too deep, it seems to me.
When it seems the battle is being lost. The good guys are retreating. The enemy is advancing. And I'm hoping, desperately, for the calvary to come up over the hill. To rally up the weary troops and surprise the bad guys (whilst giving them a good whallop in the process.)
This past weekend at my church's ladies retreat I got to see some amazing things from a God who loves us each so tenderly and complexly. Stories were told. Deep hurts were healed right in front of my eyes. The kind of stings to the soul that had happened by the enemy and that only One with big enough hands to cradle the whole universe could reach in and remove the arrow.
God is the one who heals us. He did send a Calvary, his Son, to save us. Some day Jesus will ride in on a horse to rescue us, cream the bad guy, and set the whole, crooked world right again.
In the meantime He's given us everything we need. As the battles change, as the stages of life bring new problems and things to be addressed we graduate to our big-girl armor and He equips us all over again. Just as we need. Just, when, we need. Almost four years ago when my daughter was sent to the NICU for a mild fever and it seemed we were mainly there to minister to another couple I remember looking at that woman's baby boy, who had fluid in his lungs, and I thought: I could not handle that. Thank the Lord my baby just has a fever! Last year, when my baby boy had fluid in his lungs I was held up by His power and love. You see, I didn't have the suit of armor for the baby-with-the-fluid four years ago. I didn't need it then. I had it when I needed it though. He equips us. Adjusts our armor, sometimes using faithful brothers and sisters who can see our back part that we can't quite reach and help us snap it down again, but always covering us just as we need.
Beloved you are covered by Him. Completely. If you are looking around right now and it seems the battle is being lost and you're about to be creamed, look to the hill. Calvary is coming. You will be rescued. He is able and his timing is so perfect it will send chills up your spine as he swoops in at the very moment of deepest need and saves us like only Jesus Christ can.

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