Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The horse I saw

When I was about twelve I had a very vivid dream of a horse. Not being one of those girls who was enamored with horses I thought it was a little odd that it was so specific. The horse was injured and I remember how vivid it all was.

That same day I was telling some friends about my dream and they shrugged and said that was nice. Then one of them asked if I was going to so-and-so's birthday party. I had no earthly idea. You see my mother, in her wisdom, had long since learned not to tell us about such things in case, heaven forbid, it didn't work out and we couldn't go to said party after all. We didn't deal well with such disappointments and when we did know about an event tended to ask, a hundred thousand times, when such event would be happening. As it turned out we were going to the party. I, having not been privy to the party details, only knew that I had been instructed to wear my jeans. As it turned out, the party was a horse-back riding party. How odd, I thought, since I had just dreamed about horses.

Then I saw it. The horse that I saw in my dream. I gasped for it was exactly the same colors as it had been in my dream. I could not see the back part of the horse, where the injury had been, and suddenly I started to panic. I knew the horse was injured. I started to freak out and the adults that were there seemed amused like it was some kind of game I was playing but when I found my mom she believed me enough to go get the owner of the place. Now that old man didn't really need to be convinced to check on his horse, as he very quickly went over to where it was at and had listened carefully to me as I told him where the horse was injured. It was a horizontal cut underneath the horse's belly and was hard to see unless you were right up beside the horse and looking right there. Sure enough, the injury was there. I remember the gratitude of the man as he explained the injury must have come from jumping over a barbed-wire fence, or brushing near it, and that the horse could have gotten much worse had he not been alerted to the injury and treated it.

Some of the kids, and adults, made quips like: oh she must have seen it earlier and such but I know what I saw. I don't know if I knew then that it definately came from the Lord. I was a fairly new believer and the church I went to wasn't exactly steeped in the theology of prophetic dreams so it was something I stuffed down until recently.

I know God showed me the horse. I guess because he dearly loved the animal and wanted it taken care of. He could have just healed the poor thing and been done with it but I think he was perhaps teaching me to listen and learn from him also. Recently I had a conversation with a friend about things like this, prophesies come true and so forth, and we were talking about how it can increase a person's faith to hear the little things God does around us to watch over the world. Which is why I thought I'd share. I've had a few other meaningful dreams but for the most part I just hear him the same way most people do: in my quiet times of reading the bible and praying. Still, he is the God that can show up in your dreams and knock your socks off.

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