Sunday, December 12, 2010

here's to easy

my church has been abuzz about this 'advent conspiracy' thing. it seems like a great idea. one problem, every time i go to learn about it the document i pick has text that takes up a whole page. here is my goal this holiday season: make it easy on myself for once. i do want to focus on Jesus more. i also want rest, spend time with family, breathe deep and not stress. 
my daughter is singing in her first christmas pageant. i am going to try and not squeal in delight at the top of my lungs. if i do, it's ok, i go thatthat church anyway. since we all passed around a nasty cold/flu/who knows bug i proudly bought the cookies needed for the cookie party that follows said pageant. 
i am seriously considering sending out email christmas cards. with the exception of a few maybe to grandparents who refuse to do computers and since they are in their late seventies and eighties who on earth am i to tell them anything different? 
i threw one strand of lights across our balcony railing. another across our porch swing. i forced myself to quit there. i got out the charlie-brown-christmas tree and only one box of ornaments. that the fifteen-month-old has been determined to destroy. 
my cute christmas sweater a dear friend gave me is hanging up and ready to be worn. if i only wear it once, so be it. i'll wear it with style. as in, i hope i find socks that match but if i don't so be it. 
christmas, of course, is not about any of these things but a dear baby who was freaking God and came to be us and, oh me oh my, that is a huge thing. i will hug my baby who now wiggles and walks and gives high-fives. i will hug the other baby whose face is getting longer and can now talk in whole, really rambling and adorably cute, paragraphs. 
i will breathe deep the bits of eternal love that seem to shine brighter at this time of year. i will drink more hot cocoa. just because. i will try to not scream at other drivers. i'm seriously considering giving poems as gifts this year. but only if i can keep them simple. 
merry christmas. to you and yours. if you celebrate something else, merry that as well. 
(oh, and not to knock the advent conspiracy thing, i do plan on reading about it at some point when the fog of cough-medicine subsides)

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