Saturday, March 19, 2011

Being a "no" woman.

Remember that silly movie with Jim Cary, OK, I know I need to be more specific as silly is about the extent of his repertoire, but I'm referring to the one where he couldn't say no? "Yes man" 
You see, I don't think women have the same problem that men do, or at least that man. I suppose there may be one or two gals who need to learn to say yes now and again. But by in large, I bet most of us need to learn to say the other world. The N word. 
Heaven knows I do. It has been something I've been working on for the last year. There is so much power in: no. And it can be polite too, which is always great. No, I don't think I'll do such and such. No, I'd rather not have blah blah blah. No, this isn't a good time for nah nah nah. 
Ah. Delightful. It has taken me a while, over thirty years, to realize, I can't do everything. And the more things I try to do just means the more things I fail at. So. I have chosen to start picking the few things I'm good at and do those things. Or the things I am already committed to which I must continue to do. Other than that, unless I want to this has been and will likely continue to be a season of no for a while. 
You feel that? Oh you didn't? Well I just felt the weight of the world drifting off me. It was great. 

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