Sunday, March 13, 2011

a list that makes me smile

A really wise friend recommended a book to me recently that I have been devouring. Typically of the way God teaches me things, which is usually hearing about it eighteen times until the whole world is practically screaming it because this little gal is kind of dense, everything in my life lately has been urging me to take stock of the good. At church they encouraged us to keep a thankfulness journal. So I started. I would always seem to get to about seven or so and then get overwhelmed. I would put big and lofty things. Complicated things like people. I started with the delightful gift that is my husband. Then this friend recommended this book. It's called "One Thousand Gifts" by Ann Voskamp. It is simply delightful. It's sort of like a memoir I guess. This lady, who has SIX children, started writing down good gifts that God gives her on a sort of dare from a friend and it starts to change her perspective on everything. The things she writes are simple things. Like soap bubbles. Little delightful moments in a hectic day. So I gave it a try and have found it has helped me slow down a bit, enjoy life, and dwell in God's presence. And really. Who doesn't need that? Below is a random sampling and by no means anywhere near 1,000 as thus far I have only made it to 33. I highly recommend this. It makes me smile. That and an answered prayer journal. I think I'll start one of those next because the good things God does astounds me.

  • the taste of a salty baby's head
  • shadows bouncing off marbles
  • stillness
  • toddler wrangling a balloon
  • coffee smoke twirling
  • smell of burning leaves

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