Thursday, March 3, 2011

powers of Observation

I'm sort of... wait for it... dense when it comes to observing things. I think I may be the only person in the world who could literally walk into a room with an elephant and not notice that it's there. We painted our office a few weeks ago and I walked in, smelled the air and asked what the paint smell was. One of my co-workers said: Seriously? And then I looked up. Saw that oh yes, all of the walls around me were in fact a different color.
Motherhood seems to just make it worse. I'll see something, and then think an almost intelligible thought about it but before the thought makes it to the "file" part of my brain it's gone again. Maybe I just don't have a "file" part. Would seem to explain a lot. Like the picture above this. The one of my daughter in her Wonder Woman costume that she wore to her Wonder Woman birthday. When I took the headband out of the package and saw the teeny circumference of it the intelligible thought was: too small for head. I put it on her. I took this picture, which clearly, I think, shows the poor kid's head all scrunched. She ran around, bounced on bouncy houses and came back about fifteen minutes later with the headband in her hand and a big red streak across her forehead.
I tried to stop her so I could rub it, worry over it, mother it, but the kid had a roomful of bouncy houses and I have a feeling her ear could have fallen off and she would have handed it to me and asked me to put it in my pocket. The point of this post, you are dying to know? None really, except maybe I am secretly hoping someone out there is as absent-minded as I am.
Well. OK then.

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