Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Six. And Screech.

Kaiya has been awful fun to talk to lately. She is getting matter of fact, so to speak, in her conversations. I asked her an odd, random question the other day: how many memories do you have of me? She didn't hesitate. Six! Oh really? Mmmm. Yup. Six. 
On the flip side. Her brother has decided the terrible twos must start six months earlier for our little over achiever. And his favorite activity in the whole, wide, world is to harass his sister. Which has made it a national pastime in our house for everyone to screech at each other. Well, the big ones are too tired to screech. We sit and moan. 
So as Kaiya plays in the kitchen and CJ melts down because all of a sudden he's starving he decides the way to rectify that is by biting his sister. After lots of yelling, biting and crying she comes over to me. Pats me on the arm. "Sometimes, little babies are just grumpy, huh?" 
Yes dear. They sometimes are. 

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