Saturday, March 5, 2011

Talk to the world.

I love how my four-year-old will talk to anything. I'll tell her it's time to leave the park and she'll say, in all seriousness: bye park, I had fun! She says bye to the Train. She had earnest and long conversations with our cats. Don't even get me started on her baby dolls. I bet when she watches Toy Story and the toys 'wake up' she thinks nothing of it. In her world everything is alive.  Everything must be spoken to and told hello or bye or please move. It's precious of her. 
When do we stop saying bye to trains? When do we stop believing in Easter bunnies and stop talking to regular ones? 
It is pretty obvious how we regard adults who talk to inanimate things. There is this homeless lady who hangs out at our neighborhood park and every now and then we can tell when she's not doing so 'well.' She'll start to hold up things, like a hairbrush, and carry on a long, detailed conversation. I had a decidedly different reaction. I scooted as far as I could to other side of the sandbox and held onto CJ like a tornado was coming and by sheer strength alone I could keep him tethered to me. Much to my great delight Kaiya didn't seem to notice the lady. But of course she wouldn't, for after all, it's not weird to her that the lady talks to her hairbrush. Who doesn't? 
Maybe some people who we consider to be sick just haven't grown up in some ways. I thought about talking to everything one day just to see what's it's like. But I don't want someone to come haul me off in a straight-jacket so I think I'll just live vicariously through my kid. I have a feeling no matter what I do eventually other kids will tease her for being a little girl and she'll stuff her imagination down inside. But I hope I can help her play for as long as possible and be little as long as she wants to be.

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