Tuesday, March 1, 2011


at my church we have been talking about starting/keeping a 'thankfulness journal.' which i think is a grand idea and i think i shall attempt to start here.
for starters i am incredibly thankful for my husband who is perfect for me in every way, shape and form. he surprised me for my birthday with an impromptu girls night out. it was awesome. and just what i needed. he challenges me, helps me grow, and loves me very, very well. his sense of humor is great, his intellect is astounding, and he is just genuinely a good friend and someone i want to be around with.
and i am so very thankful for my kids but i'll write about that another time.
i am deeply thankful for friends who are like family. my little small group in particular that i am growing to love deeply and even in the midst of a recent loss the love somehow seems to expand more and more.
yay, i say, yay.

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