Saturday, April 30, 2011


We were blessed this weekend by a visit from my parents. They came up at the last minute, do to my lack of planning, and supported me as I read some poetry, sort of, at my church. I felt like a kid who had colored a masterpiece and the best frame in the world was the fridge. They beamed and doted. I proudly showed them off as well. The next morning we all went over to swim which the kids loved of course and then they blessed us again by watching the kids so we could go on a date. Which was fabulous. 
One of the previews we saw was for a movie about a wedding with two very different families and the tensions of coming together with differences. It made me realize how blessed we are as both of our extended families have been relatively easy to blend into. And both of our families are full of love. Now, that, is one of the hugest blessing a person can have. (Oh hush. It's my blog. I can say "hugest" if I want to.) 

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