Sunday, May 8, 2011

the quiet of this

for mother's day our air conditioning went out. this is a gift, really, or it turned out to be anyway. my husband needs it cool and the poor dear was miserable last night so he elected to go with the kids to a friends house while i stayed behind while the repair guy worked. and i had a blast.
i called my mom. because that's what you do on mother's day. we chatted a while. i then called my best friend and as i was chatting with her the repair guy was finishing up. i suggested that maybe i should wait to call him and tell him it was fixed. i ended up not waiting, but did inform him that while it was working the house was still cooling off and it likely would be several hours before it was bearable again. this was mostly true. as soon as he fixed it i felt a gush of cool, sweet, air and knew it would be almost normal again in about an hour. luckily, all my conniving to get time alone wasn't necessary. my sweet husband and offered to watch the kids for the other couple so they could go on a date. so i had a date with me. i put in my new favorite movie. "salt." talk about girl power. i played my silly farm game. i ate ice cream. it was fabulous.
finally, when it was coming to a close as he was on his way home with them, the movie was over and it was time to get back to dishes and ironing i realized something. life can be so good. i fight and fight for some reason, mostly with myself. a thousand imaginary little battles with what ifs and maybe sos that i miss the actually. i tried to contrive a way to have a blessed moment of peace, to myself, but there it was. happenstance from circumstance.
so i cheered when she killed the bad guys. i slurped up my vanilla ice cream. i arranged my mini castle on my farm. and it was grand. best. mother's day. ever. ok, maybe the first one was the best because it was, well, the first, but still. this is neck and neck and easily has number two hands down. i hope you had a grand time. and hug your momma if she's still around. they are precious and gave us so much, and most often, still keep giving. i love you mom.

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