Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The "hot" in Texas

Every year I find myself surprised at how early it gets hot here. It always seems a week or so after Christmas it is suddenly sweltering. Now, while I love calling relatives up North to gloat when it's a nice seventy degree day down here while they're having a blizzard, it's not so much fun when it's the other way around.
I am told that my ancestors are from Wales. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Wales is not a country ripe with sunshine. Suffice it to say that if they made 100 proof sunscreen I would buy it in bulk. Luckily my son seems to be more like his daddy's complexion, which tans obnoxiously well, while my daughter and I are what my Southern mother calls "lily white." 
So I chase her. I smother one layer of sunscreen. Attack her face with the stick. Spray her all down with a last layer. The child is remarkably patient with all of it. Still her nose and cheeks are peppered in freckles. Her pale skin and red hair do not seem made for this state. Last summer a lady who was paler than we are, and bless her heart had skin cancer at one point, had brought us her daughter's old pool hat. Their solution to all of it is to wear these full body suits. If only my husband would let us. 
I hope your summer is fantastic. And don't forget the sunblock. 

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