Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Open Fields

A country boy with land in the great state of Tennessee doesn't belong holed up in a box of a room with a bed. He needs open fields. Big blue sky to look up in. Work to be done and fishing if there's time. 
My dear grandfather passed today. He has such a view now! What on Earth is he doing? With his knees working right and a young, resurrected mind that holds everything? I should have taken baby CJ to see him... but can he see him? Likely there are bigger things. I hope he's sitting at Jesus' feet, asking to hear stories. More likely he's  fishing with Him like he's been hanging out with the Almighty for forever and telling HIM stories! I miss him already. But I am so glad he's gotten to see his Daddy and have Him wipe away his tears. 
I hope he's running and bouncing on clouds. I can hear his laugh and it makes me smile. I betchya it makes God smile to have His rascal boy whom He's already said "well bust it Bill!" too at least ten times by now. And I hope he's enjoyed such a sweet reunion with those who have gone before him. 

My Grandaddy walked with God in his own way. He loved to play jokes, one Christmas he made a thumping noise in another room and came running in: did you hear that? He then went running outside- with a shotgun- and fired off a round. He came back in, proudly brandishing a piece of red fabric. "Yup, I got 'em! He was up on that roof with some deer!" For all his pranks he was tender too. One year I was obsessed with catching baby frogs and so he carved a cage out of wood- even added little heart doors- so I could keep them in it. Oh I miss him and his girls miss him but I am so glad he's FREE!

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