Sunday, June 26, 2011

Quiet-man and Chatterbox.

It seems these two children of mine couldn't be more different if they tried. One was careful, choosing steps slowly and taking in her world before she started moving in it. The other storms. Headfirst and charging into God knows where. Toilets? Trash cans? Yipee for wonderful, yucky things to grab! 
So I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that with language they are also different. I remember worrying about Kaiya not talking enough but as soon as I voiced the worry she made a liar out of me and started babbling away. And oh does she babble, or rather, chatter. It's incessant. Constant narrative, constant songs and I constantly find myself grumbling: hush! 
It almost seems as if the cosmos have to be balanced or something for as much as she chatters he is as silent. The boy can literally play for an hour without making a sound. He does make sounds. So many that it seems like another language. A boy-language ripe with grunts and growls. The kid can already make a realistic sounding helicopter and he's not yet two. Kaiya couldn't do that until she was, well, she still can't. 
Perhaps my hope is that history will repeat itself and as soon as I blog about it the kid will make a liar out of me again. Just like Kaiya did on our last visit to the grandparents. I was lamenting about how she doesn't eat well and as she polished off her THIRD bowl of mac and cheese my mother chirped: Um? What were you saying about her eating? 
Until then I'm repeating words to a ridiculous degree with him "Cup, cup, CUP, SAY CUP!" all the while begging her to hush for a moment so I can think. 

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