Sunday, June 12, 2011

ready or.. ouch.. not

Kaiya's at that "let's play hide and seek" every waking moment stage. We are playing right now actually. I'm sitting on the recliner under a blanket. I finally got wise. The first time I picked a spot I picked under the crib. When I told hubby what my spot was he asked, in complete shock: You fit under the crib? To which I snarled back: no, my back, butt and most of my head was sticking out. (Hang on... I have to go get Kaiya out of her tent. That's the spot she picks to hide in. Every. Single. Time.) So I come back and switch chairs and blankets. I pause in my hiding to have a sword fight with the toddler. It took the second bad spot, on the ground behind the recliner, to realize that I'm too old for this. My leg started to go numb. I was seeing stars. I realized that while playing with my kid is a must killing myself to do it isn't. 
So I flop the blanket over myself and the laptop. I listen as she chirps out: where is she? Underneath the covers I hammer out another sentence until she finally unveils me. My turn to count I shout out increments of five every minute or so, and then announce "ready or not- here I come!" I then stand, stretch, stagger to get a swig of coffee. She is hiding in the tent of course. But I call out all the other possibilities. "Is she in the kitchen? Is she in the bookcase?" The tent shakes with giggles. Sometimes I remove the whole tent from above. Sometimes I take a stick and peel it back. One time I exclaimed: look at that cozy bed and I flopped down on it, on top of the tent. 
I wonder as we play if hide and seek isn't a good tool to learn about expectations. If we aren't learning the pattern of things and the fun of others spontaneity. I am thankful that for now she is satisfied with my attempts and is not expecting me to crawl under the bookcase. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't come out and would have to call the fire department to cut me out. 


  1. I remember the hide and seek phase. I think it nearly killed me!

  2. My daughter loves playing hide and seek, but she gets so excited she can never wait for me to find her. She usually just jumps out at me.

  3. @Mami- i know!! mine too! oh and i keep wanting to comment on your blog but have the hardest time... i'll try to email you soon, just been taking a break from the 'puter


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