Monday, June 20, 2011

Thank heavens someone is responsible.

As you probably know but in case you don't our house is a bit backwards, or, different. I work and hubby stays home. 
Now I think I always thought that I would have a job that would magically let me take off five or so years to stay home with my kids when they were little. Then, in this little dream world of mine, I would go back to part time until they were in say, junior high. HA. Oh, I could take off five years. It's called quitting. But that would require starting all over. And. That is not going to happen. This old girl is too old for that. 
So my dear husband has been staying home with the kids. Putting his career dreams on hold. All this to say that each year I try to make father's day special. Cause he is a professional as we like to say. I figure most guys spend the evenings and weekends with their kids (like me) but he's there day to day. 
There have been a few things going on in my life though and so this year, well, I frankly dropped the ball. Heck. I forgot there even was a ball. I've been doing good to stagger out of bed and get dressed for work. To make it even worse the week before Father's Day he had even longer days than usual because of activities at church. And today starts our church's summer bible school program. 
A few days before when I was realizing: shoot: it's just two days until Father's Day and I still have no earthly idea what to get or do for him when it happened. I come home to read a post he put on facebook about how Kaiya had made him a Father's Day card. I am so glad my child is first-born responsible and remembered even when I did not. 
Happy belated father's day to all the dads out there. I hope you had a blast, especially the love of my life and the dear man who fathered me!

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