Friday, July 29, 2011

Both Hands Up

I heard this song, "Two Hands" by Jars of Clay for the first time recently. I guess it's been out a while but I missed it. The chorus really got me: "I use one hand to pull you closer. The other to push you away. If I had two hands doing the same thing. Lifted high, lifted high."
I tend to not just give it all. Even in worship it seems the most I can go is the "half Jesus" with my hands extended out only slightly. What would it be like to just lift up, like I'm baby CJ when he stands at my feet with that: PICK ME UP!! look on his face and his little arms outstretched. CJ gets it. He gets worship. Seriously.

That's my boy during worship time at Sunday School. Both arms flung upwards. It makes sense I guess. He's used to reaching out with everything he has for what he wants. When do we stop doing that? Here's to throwing both hands up towards the throne-room, to standing at our daddy's feet and giving him that "pick me up" look... and even more... here's to letting him. 

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