Sunday, July 10, 2011

a different kind of work

Every now and then I need to do something different to remind myself how deeply blessed I am. Some of us got together to help our boss build a garage. We called it a "barn raising" as we were going to put up the walls of the building. Now, this is fascinating to me. That people actually do this. Build things. On their own. 
I know how to use a hammer, sort of, but it would never occur to me: hey I want a garage, I know, I think I'll build one! Even the mouse houses I made recently lean horribly and were quickly destroyed. 
I'll be honest and announce that I was by no means an integral part of the operation but I tried. I mostly was the wall holder or the line drawer, etc. You know. Girl jobs. Which was fine by me. I got one splinter and it was all I could do to keep from shrieking and stamping my little foot. There were a few times though when all hands on deck were needed as we actually lifted the walls and for one we moved it clear across the building. 
Those were the times, when I was pushing and pulling with all of my tiny might that I thought: thank the Good Lord I am not a construction worker. I get to sit in a cushy chair, that bounces, in an nice air-conditioned building. Aaaaahhhhh. 
One thing that comforts me is that we still live in a society where if you need help you can call your neighbors and friends and they come right over and work. About mid-morning I started missing my kids like crazy because I usually take them somewhere on Saturday's when we don't have anything planned. I bugged out early and went home and when I felt those little soft baby arms around my neck I again was thankful. 
It can be hard when you live in a tiny apartment and you begin to wonder if you'll ever have a house to remember it doesn't really matter. You have a family and a God to serve and that's all that does.

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