Friday, July 8, 2011


I mentioned our computer trouble before. You would think, being of the computer generation, that I would remember they occasionally just stop working and if you don't have precious things saved, like future writing posts, then you will lose said precious things. 
I started to blog about it. And then wouldn't you know it the evil red light was flashing on our internet box. (We interrupt this rant to save this document... hey! We're learning!) And of course. I hadn't saved it and so when I hit the "publish post" button it sadly disappeared into the strange land of deleted things. 
So, a friendly reminder to the writers out there, remember to SAVE. And if you're like me and you have a stupid back-up hard-drive it might actually be a good idea to use it now and again. Not doing so is sort of like having a safe for valuables and still keeping your jewelry and cash under your pillow. 

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  1. I almost never remember to save! Flirting with disaster . . .


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