Saturday, July 2, 2011

fireworks! and movies.

happy independence weekend to all! i love this holiday so much. nothing quite like explosions in the sky i say!
sorry for not posting, we had computer issues. it's been kind of nice though taking a vacation from the computer for once.
this weekend we plan on not doing much at all but watching some good ol' fourth movies (like, of course, independence day). 
in the great state of texas there has been a bit of issue with the lack of rain and the problem of fireworks, well, causing fire. so i hope to try and go see fireworks still but it may end up being a fun-filled evening of long lines in traffic as so many cities around us (including ours) aren't showing fireworks. and can i just be bold enough to say that  "light show" is lame and just so not the same thing? but, i get it. i'm sure if my house our land had been destroyed in a wild fire i'd have a orange vest from wally world and out patrolling in a golf cart for jerks shooting off fireworks. ok. probably not. likely i'll be watching bruce willis destroy a fighter jet in a car chase (seriously. if you haven't seen "live free or die hard" go out to redbox or whatev right now. it stinking rocks. oh and salt. not really independency but still kicks.)
hope you have a safe and great weekend. even if you're stuck watching a light show like i seriously i hope i'm not. :)

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