Wednesday, July 6, 2011

just. for. me.

this may come as a shock to some people, likely not many though, in that i tend to think the whole world revolves around me. (to which you're thinking, of course you do: after all, you write about your day. and expect us to read it. and, we do.) 
if this ever annoys you just slightly rest assured you're in good company. the Almighty likely isn't too fond of it either. to give you an example:
on our long drive to visit my family for the funeral we had opted to try the late night approach again. i usually take the graveyard shift because i'm sort of an owl anyway. so there i was, driving down a stretch of unfamiliar road with actual trees running alongside each side like giant walls. (as opposed to these "bushes" we have down in texas.) when suddenly in front of me a shooting star danced across the windshield. i beamed. i sat upright in the uncomfortable car seat and i grinned from ear to ear. i said thanks God. i truly believed that it was just for me. that a meteor burning through the atmosphere (no, i didn't know that's what it was either, i just googled it now.) occurred just for me. 
truth is, maybe He did put on a meteor show just for me. likely not. more accurate, likely it was not just for me. He probably throws out something and it bounces off a ton of souls like an expert pool player who only needs one turn to hit one ball and make all the others scatter into the holes. perhaps another driver also saw it and was delighted. maybe it was just a meteor and i was in the right place at the right time. 
at any rate i seem to miss the point all too often. that the goodness of God isn't just for me, it's for everyone. He loves us all so dearly and i'm pretty sure He wants us to do our best loving all the others as best we can until He comes back for us. 
and i'm so glad He's coming back for me. just for me. oh. right. and all of you too. pllffttpptfftt. 



  1. this is a really great thought - He is Almighty God and yet the personal God who draws near to us as individuals. it is an amazing tension. thanks for your visit to my blog and for praying for little audrey. bless you!

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