Monday, July 25, 2011

So Big!

I had lunch with the lovely woman who introduced me to 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp today and I simply love her perspective on life. It starts, of course, with gratefulness. A full kind of grateful, like rich avocado in a sandwich. We discussed a hiccup in my little world and it was like I could feel myself being pulled out of my hamster-wheel drama that I have been cycling in for a week or so. Why do I make this life so small when He tries to make it so big? 
I once heard a pastor speak about his toddler son and how every time the boy did something new, as first-time parents, they would go stark-raving mad. He suggested that our God is like that. That when we "get" something, when we grow, or learn or start to let Him heal us for once instead of fighting and flailing against Him our proud papa can't help Himself but to cheer and say: Look at you!! You're so big now! How's about I believe Him for once and not the slithering snake calling me small? 
Because this thing I'm in, this dance of life, is so big and I'm just where I'm supposed to be. I go back to watching and waiting and hopefully, getting bigger each minute, and not just in my gut. (Speaking of gut, Target has this delightful ice-cream called "cake and sprinkles" and I figured I would corrupt you so I could have more friends to eat it with.)

here goes thankfulness:
-a lightening-quick answer to prayer
-an answer still a-coming to prayer
-cake and sprinkles in frozen form
-a successful day on my diet (mutually exclusive of previous entry)
-"Mean" by Taylor Swift
-not settling for small
-trusting Him in all things


  1. Beautiful words reflecting a beautiful heart. Thanks for sharing - found you at Ann's. <3


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