Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Take 'Em Down

I've been doing one of those "read through the bible in year" things. Except I'm exceptionally lazy so I couldn't be bothered with charts and what not and instead have one of those bibles that just has it all laid out for you by days. It's great. The only downside is early July is all the "begatting." One can only read so many lists of so and so is so and so's son, etc. My mind drifts to the chapters I just finished. About how Israel started worshipping idols. Again. 
I started to wonder. How could you serve a God that actually destroyed armies in front of your very eyes and then be tempted to go bow down to some clay covered in gold? And are idols like other things today? Like my games or movies? 
I pondered on this for several weeks. While I read list of names. Then, true to form, God always teaches me things just about everywhere and it's usually after the third time or so that I start to hear it. My dear husband started wondering out loud about the topic as well and then the third time was the charm was on Sunday when the preacher of course talked about idols. 
Well, sort of. This particular preacher is one of those brilliant people that I only understand about five percent of what he says and yet that five percent is so chalk full of goodness it's sort of the equivalent of a normal sermon. I usually doodle on the bulletin the other 95%. He suggested, I think, that idols are when we want the fairytale-Hollywood-happy endings to life and are missing that we are in a story already, God's story, and we just need to trust him. 
For me it all goes back to expectations. I constantly have this little narrative running in my pea brain and I get all exasperated when the world doesn't read the script. Which is frequent. 
Lately it's occurred to me that I have even written a part for God. Sometimes, I am at least bold enough to write him the main part. Sadly other times he's a bit part. Perhaps, just perhaps. I didn't write this one. I truly have no voice, no choice in the matter and need to just lay back and see where this wild ride of story of life is going to take us. For I'm pretty certain that just how he can do about everything a gagillion times better than me, writing the story of the entire universe is probably more in the Almighty's ballpark than it is in mine. 


Got any random bits of your own?