Monday, July 18, 2011

Thank out of Blahs

I suppose the time to thank is most for times of blah. Perhaps its this new diet? I'm trying a vegetarian version of Atkins, sort of. Go ahead. You want to laugh. Mainly I eat eggs and fish. And hush. Some vegetarians eat eggs and fish. Truth be told I'm not a vegetarian, I'm a picky eater who is a "pastatarian." And. Oh. How I miss my pasta.
I have discovered new things though. Do you like avocados? They are like the secret weapon of the vegetable world. So delicious and filling. At any rate. Is it weird that I was even dreaming about how good chocolate pasta would be? Yes? OK. Here it goes...

-kitty's collar-bell jingling
-being awakened by You!
-new idea for story
-grace. so sufficient.
-meal of avocados. 
-indulgence of pizza. 

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