Thursday, August 4, 2011


is anyone else like: holy cow it's august?? and down here in texas it's like aaaahhhhh..... gust. but no gust. 
i've had a busy work week, hence the ignoring my blog for a week, and at the end of each work day i would stumble in the house and then usher the kids to the pool. it used to be a little easier to watch them as generally one would be off doing something fairly safe like chasing a duck or something but now that kaiya has suddenly discovered how much fun swimming underwater is my stress-o-meter is like through the roof. if it was just her, there'd be no issues, but there's the boy child who can find danger in a cardboard box.  so i'm sitting in a position where i can watch her and watch him as she jumps over and over into the pool and he discovers a tree. all of a sudden i hear him crying out and i look over and his little leg is covered in fire ants. for once i had my wits about me and immediately dunked his leg in the pool which got most of them but some of the tenacious little guys were hanging on so i had wipe them off. i then started to yank off his clothes as i realized they were quickly spreading everywhere and suddenly the make-shift duct-tape and maxi-pad diaper i had put the kid in for lack of another didn't seem like such a good idea. we finished off the adrenaline burst in a frantic dash home as there are some fire-ant allergies in my family (which i am sincerely hoping don't come from the relative who is related by blood to me but i'm not gonna take the chance with my almost two-year-old) so we gave him some medicine and i lapsed into a post-adrenaline-rush coma. 
he was happily jumping up and down on the bed while his momma kept rubbing the one or two bites she got on her hands and thinking to herself: ouch! they call them FIRE ants for a reason! 
anyways. hope you're surviving your hot month somehow. what things do you do to cool it down??

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