Sunday, August 14, 2011

in the quiet of NAP.

today CJ decided to wake up the very minute Kaiya went to sleep. they used to do this more when they were littler so i guess subconsciously they were nostalgic or something. i decided to forgo the nap and stayed up with CJ, who thankfully mostly played by himself while i played my video game. i occasionally 'punted' him back into play by picking up a toy, changing a diaper or something and we had a few games we played together but for the most part he organized and the re-organized his plentiful toy car collection. 
Kaiya seemed dead to the world though when i later came into the bedroom i saw that she had gotten out a bunch of books and organized them in neat little rows (again with the organizing... does this mean something? should i sign them up for mensa? clean my living room more often?)
i started to wonder what else she does during her "naps." the other day we discovered she had cut her hair during a nap. we have yet to recut it so hopefully i'll find the battery thing for the camera to memorialize this right of passage. she only left one long strand in the back and it's spiraling into pretty circles that i don't think i'll ever be able to cut it. it drives my husband nuts because, as he puts it, it looks like a 'rat's tail.' but it's a pretty rat's tail. 
these two little events have me wondering what else she has been up do when she's supposedly "napping." i can almost hear her, in a husky chain-smoking voice: "what happens in nap-time stays in nap-time mom." i guess i should be thankful that she still does take naps. sort of. and to be honest, she did a better job of cutting her bangs than i did, which, if you saw the job i did you would know that ain't saying much.

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