Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Fruit!

It's that time again... my turn to teach Sunday School. Only this time I got a new batch of kids in the threes as the last one, along with my daughter, graduated to the fours and fives. I'm trying to remember how three-year-olds act and I'm slightly handicapped this time as this particular class is in between Kaiya and CJ so I'm not as familiar with them. So it's all a bunch of new, which can be a lot of fun, if you let it be. 
For once I read the lesson plan ahead, and by ahead I don't mean my usual: on the car-ride to church Sunday morning. The lesson was about fruit. So I went bananas. (I crack myself up.) I bought an apple, orange and lemon to show them. I then bought all sorts of fruit for them to taste. Fun fruit like kiwi and plum and usual fruit like banana and pear. I had almost forgot to pick up a fig (the story is about the fig tree that wasn't bearing any fruit.) As I was thinking this it was like my brain was search for an image and all it was getting was that little rainbow wheel that tells you a computer is thinking. No fig. I realized then that I had never actually seen a fig. So I went to the odd section in HEB where all the odd fruit is and I read the little cards until I came to fig. I reached down to pick up the thing and held it in my hand and said: huh. CJ reached out for it but then went back to driving his race car (I had been stupid enough to get one of those carts that is shaped like a car and purposefully made to ram into anything and everything as you make your way through the store.) 
The next morning when I was getting ready for the class I started to think about that happy little: "hey this is new!" experience I had and it occurred to me that there are moments like that all over this life. New friendships, new relationships, and just new places in life that are meant to be savored and enjoyed. It helps if one pauses long enough to even recognize that it's new. To stop and say: huh, well, that was different! Here's to a season of new fruit!

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