Sunday, August 21, 2011

you were saying?

so there i was, on the playground at church with the new class of threes who is significantly smaller than my last class. the children's director came by and we discussed some logistical issues. just as i started to puff out and brag a little about how i was "getting to know" the new ones the children's director started snickering. like a little school girl. this would be more profoundly funny to you if you knew whom i'm talking about. she has the strict headmaster bit down pat and so it was a bit out of character to see her giggling freely. i turned, not able to see at first because a parent was blocking the way. this poor sap had gotten roped into helping me at the last minute. he moved a little and i saw that one of my new charges was peeing. on the playground. outside. did i mention in front of a parent? not the peeing child's parent mind you. 
i am thinking the theme this year will be cavemen. we will beat our chests and scream. parents will return to find half-clothed children covered in blue paint. and. the kids will love it. 


  1. LOL!! That is TOO funny! My now 7-year-old son did something similar when he was about two. Gotta love kids! :)


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