Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Did. I mention... L...O...N...G???

I am beginning to think we are never, EVER, going to get moved. I wisely took off the last week of our lease, thinking that if need be we could use the extra time to get moved. Hoping that instead we would be moved already and could enjoy our new home. The latter is not occurring, I am sad to say. Well... we are enjoying our new home while also furiously scrambling to get moved out of that bloody apartment. 
I have this disconnected sense of the world also as I have hardly been online at all these last few weeks. When I am at the new home I'm usually in the back yard. Since we have a yard. And it's everything I can do to pry the kids away from it. Not that being in the back yard is torture mind you. We have the hammock, swing and lawn-bed under the fan already set up. I rotate between all three quite happily while occasionally running to rescue a wee one from an ant, or rub their sand-filled eyes clean or pick up dog poo. 
That is the fun side of the task. The other side, of scrambling to get the car packed while washing a load of laundry since we have yet to move our washer and dryer into our house we've been washing our loads at the apartment. Today I spent a good hour cleaning the microwave. How. Does. All that stuff get on a microwave? 
A friend of mine commented that I looked peaceful tonight at church. I thought, well, that would likely be exhaustion. Oh and both kids seem to be having growth spurts at the same time just to add extra fun to this move. I guess they decided to expand a bit to fit the new digs. At any rate. See y'all in 2014. When hopefully we are moved. 

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