Friday, September 23, 2011

long road home

forgive the lack of posting for a few weeks. you see, we moved. to a house! and here is where, if i were even slightly technically inclined, i would included pictures of our lovely little first home. alas, you are stuck with words for the camera is still packed. in short, it's perfect and just what we need. 
the night before we first saw it we had prayed, a bit frustrated as we had just been snaked out of a bid on a house we thought we liked. turns out God is good for some poor soul was murdered like two doors down from that house just a few weeks ago. i promise you that would have freaked me out. but we stumbled out of our tents to get our morning manna and we grumbled as best we could to Him and not about Him. the whole time we prayed i kept hearing the word "roses." the next morning we went and looked at the house before i headed in to work. let's just say it was hard to concentrate that day for we were soaring. we knew we had found "the one." the only thing that bugged me was there were no roses. or so i thought. we had been in the house a good ten minutes before we realized it had four bedrooms which startled us a bit as all the other homes we had looked at were three. it was like a whole bonus room. disco. 
we started the process of buying it which went fairly smoothly and the moment we got the keys we started happily moving in. the first few nights we hadn't dug out the portable pack and play crib so we fought over who was going back to the apartment to sleep with CJ. once we had moved the beds and bare essentials we essentially camped in the new house. the kids have a whole, huge, yard all to themselves. and on top of all this crazy newness we got a new dog.
it's so quiet hear now that i might just have to make a tape of base thumping every five minutes so i can sleep. i never sleep good when we move but for the first time i don't care. because we are home. my sister can finally write my blasted address in pen in her little address book. we plan to be here a good number of years. we hope to resist the urge to get another 1,000 square feet in five years and hence double our mortgage so we can double the junk to fill the house. 
i almost forgot. the first day i came by the house and i stared in wonder at two, TWO, rose bushes right by the front door. how i missed them when we first looked at it is beyond me. we then found a third rose bush in the back yard, hidden away like secret treasure. 
just think. as excited as i am about this house there's an even better house we'll get to come home to one day. i betcha there might even be roses there too as well. 

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