Saturday, October 1, 2011

Changing Court

One thing I've realized with this last move is that I really don't deal all that well with change. I sort of grieve a little every time something changes. And any time there's like a triple combo it's everything I can do to not try and make a mad dash to hide like the cats have been doing ever since they got a dog for a roommate. 
Both kids are changing developmentally and it has me reeling again. You would think after four and a half years with my daughter I would start to be a bit more prepared for these changes but alas, I am caught unawares once again. And the two year old? I mean. Come on. I've done this before. But no. No. I haven't. Not with a boy. Not with HIM. And he is every bit of TWO. 
Add to all this that I feel like I'm in a big change time too. I read somewhere once that our personality changes a bit every six months or so and that like every seven years we have a radical shift. Now, I have no idea where I read that or if it even has any merit to it but it certainly feels true. I think I tend to change with the seasons as well and not to mention this whole new life stage thing what with us being brand new homeowners and learning what that actually looks like in real life, our lives, as we do it instead of our parents or other adults who seem to have it all together already. And therein lies the crux. It seems others have it all together and I am falling apart. Perhaps I am but only to be reassembled to the new upgraded Court 4.0. Yay. What about you, how do you deal with change?

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  1. I don't always deal well with change... my stomach gets in knots and I worry and get so anxious. But all the while, I know that it will probably end up even better than whatever the current circumstances are. I've seen it happen again and again and again...

    So while change still makes me nervous and anxious, there is now a big part of me that welcomes it and actually gets excited about the big reveal at the end :)


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