Friday, November 18, 2011

Good Morning Cinderella.

As soon as she popped her little blond head up out of the mound of covers I chirped: Good morning Cinderella! She gave me a sleepy little smile and had a far away look. For a moment I was almost on the carriage with her, off to an enchanted land where princesses really do exist. Then. 
"Can I have some candy?" Should I start taking a tally? What number could we get to in her quest for more and more of that sugary goodness we retrieved from a plethora of strangers' houses last night? I suggest we have some after breakfast. This turned out not to be the case. Mainly because right after I woke up Cinderella I woke up Grumpy. 
Too his defense the poor kid has been battling something awful since Friday. We even had to miss a "pumpkin" festival because the poor thing was still puking everywhere. So last night we discussed me taking the princess around a few blocks while the boys stayed home and passed out candy but then daddy caught the kids' bug and once CJ saw Kaiya getting all dressed up he handed me his shoes. So that was that. 
At first it was easy. Mainly because CJ was taking in the world and trying to figure out what in tarnation everyone was doing. It seemed the world had lost its mind. It had. How, exactly, do you explain that people think it's cute to put up skeletons and ugly monsters? Now some do put up cute things, cute little ghosts like Casper, cute little pumpkins. It's orange. And bright. Others put up the scariest things I have ever seen in my life, straight out of a Walking Dead episode. Seriously? Now, I get that it's their yard and they can decorate how they want to but they don't get to choose our reactions. So I instead of coaxing CJ to overcome his fear of the frightening thing I comforted him. Told him it was pretend. Apologized for it scaring him. Each time he looked at me like: get it mom! Get that monster. I fought the urge to wrestle the plastic beasts out of the yard stakes and fling them into oblivion. 
For the first half of it CJ rode along happily. Kaiya sweetly got a piece for him and one for her. When someone was handing her candy and they realized she was sharing what they'd given with her little brother they would rush forward and unleash another huge handful in both their buckets. I thought, horribly, man... is this a good strategy or what??
The second half was a bit trickier. CJ figured out that he could rise from the throne of the stroller and all heck broke loose. I had to hold him back as he would throw punches at the scary monsters on yard sticks. One time I had one finger dragging the stroller, the other fingers holding his pumpkin bucket, the other hand holding his, and I lamely reached out my foot towards Kaiya as we tried to cross the street. I guess I thought I was going to push a car out of the way with my big toe. 
Thankfully we were almost done. CJ did not wander into any stranger's house, which is what his big sis did the first year she was up and on her feet trick or treating. Kaiya hollered out Trick or Treat loud enough for both of them, usually said thank you on her own. Told random people they had pretty flowers in their yard. Yeah. We came back loaded. I realized as she walked up, hand in hand with her little brother, that I might just have the two sweetest kids in the world. As I write this to the sounds of screaming, gnashing of teeth, as an all-out brawl is going on in our kitchen for a piece of candy. Still. They are only little once. 

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