Thursday, November 17, 2011

sorry, and a poem

sorry for the lack of posting as of late. it's been a few weeks of just, blah. not the kind of blah that comes from somewhere but the irritating "what? is my period about to start?" sort of blah. sharing too much? 
well, how about a poem about our new house. i must say that i absolutely love our house. but moving, and change in general, is hard. so here goes a bit of catharsis. 

a new spot

i toss and turn
something is not right
i try the other direction.
if i could just move that wall to be where it's supposed to be
it's off.

and the sounds.
all noises in odd configurations 
there's a monster in the wall

someday this will feel like home. 
just not, quite, yet.

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