Thursday, November 24, 2011

still thankful take 2

We woke up at the crack of dawn because the boy child was awake for some reason. I settled in to snuggle with him but he was all wiggles and no snuggles so I gave up. Thinking hubby was still asleep I tried to keep him quiet to no avail. I then discovered the girl child was wide awake so I invited her to our den of awakeness. And I gave up. Put on warm clothes and tried to shuffle them outside. Only to hear him stirring. He poked his head in. "I've been up praying" he says, "and I'm thinking we should go." So we pray. We call a nurse friend as well. Ask again about contagiousness et all and in the end decide to go. Beg the Almighty for the grace to protect them from any germs but feeling a sense of calm that it seemed we were mistaken about the kids as neither came down with any symptoms. I am the only one who was actually sick and that was almost three days ago which is what the reports had said. So we decided, they are adults, we are adults, we can wash hands and they can wash hands. Off we went. 
I gave side hugs and love pats in the air. Mostly I just chased the children to let my husband spend time with his family. It was delightful. I still have nagging little buzzing thoughts, like those blasted teeny flies, of: "what if they get sick?" But we could what if ourselves to early graves couldn't we. The flowers are clothed in splendor and the birds eat each day to remind us not to. We thanked. We loved. We ate with family. No tofurkey was had but who bloody cares. My pantry is now well stocked in case the zombie Apocalypse happens. So. That's something.

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