Saturday, December 17, 2011

Paper plate ornaments

I know, I know... shut up already about ornaments you are saying to yourself. I don't blame you. I would promise that this will be the last post about ornaments but I don't want to lie. It seems I am obsessed with them this year for some reason. 
This was my solution to the missing box of ornaments. We had done something similar last year but on a much smaller scale. Since I had all my lovely usual ones, of course. 
It's actually an amazingly easy way to make some cute ornaments. Low-fuss. I promise. I even broke out the camera, whoop!

Paper-Plate ornaments

You start by getting those little paper plates that you use for appetizers but usually are stuck with a bunch left because they are too small for a whole piece of cake and too flimsy for real food. Since you have nothing better to do with them let your kid paint on them. Then you cut out the center, punch a hole, thread a ribbon and wha-lah! You have yourself an easy ornament that Grandma will love. I often write on the back the kid's name and year as well to keep track since we've done it a few years now. Happy decorating!

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