Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Random Christmas joy.

Kaiya was an angel in her little church program. 

I called her the "Lord of the Rings" version of angel because she had that cool gold cape. I promise you I was not creative enough to come up with this. In fact, I did my best to ruin it but even I couldn't screw up how adorable my kid is as an angel. I felt a little bad because she kept turning around the whole time they were singing. It irritated me. Later when we were watching it together she explained that she was trying to get to the second row where most of the kids were. Suddenly I felt like a horrible mom because I didn't make sure she was comfortable with where she was but alas, I thought the show was about to start and since she's so tall it actually made her more level with the other kids to be on the row without the stair. Live and learn I guess. 
I got a real tree this year. I just love real trees. Hubby was convinced it was going to be dead before Christmas. It's browning slightly but I think it will be somewhat alive by the 25th. Truth is I don't care. It smells great. 

Note, the ornaments are clustered together. I haven't rearranged them. Yay me. 
Lastly, the children's director at our church gave us advent books again. We actually did them this year. Sort of. I admit I had more fun than the kids. I also often dutifully put CJ's stickers on his little sticker-manger. I would post pictures of those but they are in the kids' rooms and they are asleep now and waking a small sleeping child should be a federal offense. We also made toilet-paper-tube nativity. I took the liberty of making CJ's for him. I mostly let Kaiya make her own, despite the large amount of twitching it caused. CJ took the liberty of destroying his as soon as he could. I posted on facebook that I had come home to a massacre of the nativity and took these as evidence:

All night long it bugged me so as soon as I made it home from work the next night I posted a picture of this:

With the caption "order restored." I had located most of the other nativity as well, save the other angel. I remarked to Hubby that perhaps he had the angel hidden and was going to post ransom pictures of it. He was too lazy to do that and eventually informed me when he located it. I was a bit dismayed at first that the "fluff" that made the second angel's hair was gone and then realized it was just at the bottom. I pulled it out and he couldn't resist making a comment about butt fluff being on the angel's head. Boys. I had no sooner arranged the second nativity than Hurricane CJ came through and scattered everyone, including baby Jesus, to the four corners of the living room. So sad. 
They have been having a ball with them though. The first night I asked Kaiya where Joseph was and she grinned and explained that he was off fighting the monsters. I must have missed that part in Sunday school. 
I hope this season is very bright and merry for you. And free from monsters.


  1. We are having fun with the festivities as well!

  2. Aww, she made a beautiful angel. I can not believe how big she is. It's a trip to have seen her growth online.

    Happy New Year!


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