Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bff and Sabbaths.

My church is doing this project thing where some of us are getting together and either writing or drawing or taking pictures (or maybe some other crazy madness... you never know at my church...) and we partnered up to reflect on Sabbaths. I picked my very best friend in the whole world who, very sadly for me, lives in California. I am told that by the time I get out of Texas I am halfway there but have you seen how big Texas is? This is very sad. But this is something we could do online. Together. How cool is that? Her half is at: 
Sweet Whimsey and I highly recommend it because she's a much better writer than I. Though I have to tell on her because this made me giggle. I don't think she's stepped foot in a church in like over ten years, and that was probably when I dragged her. She's sort of like a stay at home Peruvian monk. Um, minus the long, smelly brown robe. (I hope.) Though, truth be told, she doesn't realize how brilliant and grounded she is. (Who knew brilliant had two "i's"... oh I'm sorry, I played a sentence game with Kaiya tonight and it's made me very aware of words. It ended with me making her write the word "the" 25 times though if that gives you some idea about how much fun I am.) 
We started this two Sundays ago but since I am so woefully bad at keeping up with this blog I hardly think it matters. I'll post what I've done so far next. I think. No promises after all for the kids just went to bed which means it's ME time. Yay.

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  1. 1,361 miles. That's the official, google maps number of miles. Not horribly far. We could meet in the middle, which I believe is still in Texas.

    And I have been to church in the past 10 when....or that other time...ok maybe not. Oh, wait! I have! I visited an old mission here that has this adorable, tiny little church. I even lit a candle. I have a special place in my heart for tiny, Catholic churches that smell of incense.

    You're sweet for the kinds words. Making me blush.


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