Saturday, February 18, 2012

Don't Angry Blog

There are some life rules that simply make good sense. Like, don't go grocery shopping when you're starving. Not only will you ransack all the little sample stands when you make it home you will ask yourself: really? Pickle-flavored chips? 
In my little sphere of the world a blogger recently "angry blogged." That's a new thing. I swear. I just made it up. Now, mind you, I have very often wanted to angry blog. Especially lately. I have a two-year-old after all and the bounds of sanity I am just about surpassing but see the thing about angry blogging is, well, sometimes you are simply wrong. As I personally believe in this case and I have a sneaking suspicion that the blogger sort of realizes that now, after the fact. I think one of the things that can be intoxicating about blogging is it often is somewhat anonymous. You can pretty much write anything. But let's just say you start plotting some kind of terrorist attack or some other such crazy madness I have a feeling lots of burly guys in plastic coats with "FBI" would suddenly have to scroll through your drivel. Therein lies the problem. For my response to that, as I just read over it, should have been to nod empathetically and maybe make a small: "yes children, this is true" statement. Instead. Instead I was all: whoo-hooo!! That would be more readers! Granted, they likely would be unwilling readers but maybe, just maybe, my razor sharp wit and cute children's antics would win them over and thus this measly little blog would now have seven readers. All this to say that maybe when a blogger stumbles into a scandal of some sorts by what they've written deep down they love it because kabaaaam! Their reader number just doubled. Still, I think the life lesson for today is that it just makes good sense to calm down if something happens in your life before you tell the whole world about it. Or, in my case, the seven readers. (Though, lately I've been reposting my blog on my facebook page which seems to get me about five more readers. Watch out world, I'm gonna take you by storm one day.)


  1. But it's so unfair that you get to blog with those extraordinarily cute kids out in the margins!

  2. Yes I never ever angry blog. I would have blogger's regret for sure. Plus, what's the point of putting that kind of negativity out there? I think the world has enough anger, I don't need to toss my frustrations into that cesspool.


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