Friday, March 9, 2012

i am from...

everywhere, or so it feels. while i'm sure there are plenty who moved a great deal more, i moved enough to be like a quilt. i started in kansas, well, not really, but i didn't have memories until three or so and by then i was there. in the land of the wheat. i lived outside kansas city and so i was always perpetually confused when people were certain i was a farmer. the only farm i had seen was my grandparents' farm in tennessee. so farm, to me, meant vacation and far away. than the first move happened. to a town that is still bleeding and limping from a massive tornado. as this may approaches the town with its guts ripped out is on my heart. all there was to do was go to the mall and to think that with the high school torn apart the poor kids had to go to school there. then i moved to a ridiculously small town and even though i didn't even live there two years they were like dog years so packed full of living they have stayed with me all this time. finally i settled in this town where i am now, but summers still alighted elsewhere as college kids are prone to do. it took a while to settle here. to choose this and stick with it but i have. 
i'm from the midwest. from the south. from Texas. from a city. from a small town. from Tornado Alley. from the Bible belt. from a college town, well, two actually. most of all though, i'm from right here, right now. and i'm loving it.

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  1. I have moved a lot (nearing 30 moves), but I like how you put it--living here and now.


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