Thursday, March 29, 2012

i'm sorry... wait, i'm not!

so i was going to write an apology. since here it is i've gone like 2-3 weeks of completely neglecting the little blog that couldn't. but than i decided, as i shuffled around thoughts on how to express this so-called apology that NO i'm not sorry.
sometimes, frankly, life is busy. this is one of those times. oh. and just so you know. i, freaking, hate, commas. but that's a point i'll come back to, maybe. 
my work is about to transition soon. not to a whole new career but a change within my career and while i think it will be for the best i still loathe change with every fiber of my soul. that has been the primary source of the constant busy. 
the second source is this:
oh. i dearly love this little boy. but my, oh my, is he friggin' killin' me. if i wasn't constantly losing the camera i would also post a picture of his new thing: putting his face in his hands. reminds me of me and how i used to close my eyes to make the world go away. he covers up his face when he gets distressed and it takes every ounce of self-control not to crack up. it's the cutest thing ever. 
lately my days have been like this: go to work for eight hours and i do mean working the entire eight hours. i sometimes forget to pee. there is a pluethera of little tasks to be done in the feeble attempt to clean up my desk. yeash. then i drive home in a stupor. though i did find a new, or new to me, hippy radio station that i dearly love. 
once home i'd love to say that i fully engage my kids and interact with them on how their day went. in reality i manage about five minutes of chit chat and then i'm screaming GO BRUSH YOUR TEETH AND GO TO BED!!! then sometimes there's like five minutes of actually getting to talk to my husband. hi dear, how's life? oh? that good huh? sometimes i piddle on a little writing project i've been working on but usually i crash in bed at like 8pm. no joke. it's like i'm 78years old. 
i have found it interesting though that when i have like three minutes to check the computer i go to these sites, in this order: yahoo (for email), facebook and then the newspaper. meh. i guess the news of the immediate circle around me is more important. 
oh and the comma thing, i have been reading more which has been exhilerating. one book is 'elements of style' by white and somebody else. the first chapter is all about commas. i'm pretty sure they would lambast this post entirely for its grammatical errors but i'm also pretty sure i could give a rip. plus wasn't e.e. white the one that always wrote poetry in lower case? 
lastly i am completely obsessed with foster the people's 'pumped up kicks.' as weird as that song is it's been stuck in my head for like three weeks. i was a freshmen in college when columbine happened and i remember it seemed like it could have happened anywhere. like people were so angry all the time. what this song actually has to do with that is beyond me, all i know is i can't stop humming it. 


  1. Wow, you have been busy! I totally relate to that feeling of exhaustion. Some days I am all over it, just totally together and then there are days where I hit a wall at 4pm and I think only so many hours until I can sleeeep.

    I think the poet was e.e. cummings.

  2. I agree with Maria. 'Twas e e cummings
    As for hitting the sack early at 78, I'll let you know in 13 yr. or so.


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